Tips for Moving Into Your First Rental Suite

Rental Suite at Aquilini Centre

Moving into your new rental suite? Not sure what to expect? We’ve got you covered. Aquilini Centre West has 197 beautiful new rental suites available for move-in summer 2015, and we want to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. There are a lot of things to know when you’re moving out into your first rental suite, even some you may not have considered before – so we’re here to deliver the top tips for first time renters!

1. Set up direct deposit payments for your rental suite

For many first time renters, this may be the first time you are on your own. Aquilini Centre residents have the option to set up direct deposit rental payments, meaning that the rent amount will be directly transferred from your account and you won’t have to worry about sending in a cheque every start of the month.

2. Pack critically

You don’t need to move every item you own into your new rental suite. Make sure your new space is looking its best by only bringing the necessities, so that your home isn’t filled with unnecessary clutter. Our favourite rule of thumb at Aquilini Centre is if you haven’t worn it in the past year, then you don’t need to bring it!

3. Arrange your internet and TV prior to moving into your condo

Aquilini Centre West provides each of its renters with one year free Shaw High Speed Internet and Personal TV, so first time renters are saved the trouble of tracking down an internet and TV package. Prior to moving into your beautiful new rental suite, our team will help you get set up.

4. Organize your belongings

When moving into a new rental suite, it’s important to develop an organization system right off the bat. Pick a drawer for pots and pans, a cupboard for bowls and plates, and a shelf for your sugars and spices. Making sure everything has its own spot upon move-in will avoid mess, clutter, and confusion in the coming weeks as you’re busy settling into your new home!

5. Get to know your neighbours

Living in a new home, there are many great opportunities to meet the people who have chosen to live in the same building as you. Aquilini Centre provides bazinga! to all its residents, a social platform that connects residents in the building and allows you to meet your neighbours. Also, don’t forget to say hi in the elevator – everyone appreciates a friendly face!

6. Recruit moving buddies

Moving all your belongings will take some heavy lifting; so make sure to ask for help from your friends and family so you won’t hurt yourself trying to move your furniture by yourself! If no one is available, there are also a lot of great moving companies in Vancouver to help get the job done with minimal stress.

7. Stock up on cleaning supplies before you move

If this is your first apartment rental, you may not yet be aware of the type of cleaning supplies that you’ll need to keep your home looking its finest! We recommend buying a vacuum, tile cleaner, toilet scrubber, dish soap, and all other cleaning supplies prior to your move-in so that if things get a bit messy during the move, you’ll be prepared to bring your rental suite right back to its clean and shiny state!

8. Explore your neighbourhood

As much as you may want to stay in the comfort of your brand new rental suite, we encourage getting out and taking advantage of your new surroundings! If you rent at Aquilini Centre West, your new ‘hood is filled with exciting places to explore – new shops, new restaurants, new parks, the seawall – we promise you’ll love your new home!


Now that you have all the necessary tips for first time renters, it’s time to find a new rental suite! Aquilini Centre is the perfect choice due to its central location, great amenities, resident perks, and much more. Check out the tenant application for a rental suite at Aquilini Centre West, the first of the three Aquilini Centre towers. Also, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a look at the exciting life Aquilini Centre offers to renters!